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Hello again everyone and welcome to my recap of the Doylestown Township Board of Supervisors meeting from 6/20/17.

Water Contamination Solutions in Furlong

A possible clean up project was proposed for homes in Furlong that have been having issues with water contamination for years now.  Proposals were discussed 10 years ago, but have yet to go anywhere.  The area in question spans both Buckingham and Doylestown townships, with about six of the parcels being located in Doylestown.  With recent water line development and proposed water lines relating to the Grasso project, it is now possible to bring clean water to residents in those areas.  Doylestown is looking to work with Buckingham and the Pennsylvania Depart of Environmental Protection (DEP).  The township is currently waiting to see what funding is available from DEP for the project.  If the project is completed, it is likely residents in this area would be required to hook up to public water due the contamination and rules set by DEP funding.

I believe this would be a great project for the township to pursue.  Clean drinking water is one of the basic services a municipality should strive to provide.  Just look at Flint, Michigan to see where neglect of water systems can lead.  This project looks to make financial sense for the town but more importantly, address a moral concern as well.

Conditional Use Application – Riparian Corridor for Woodridge/Pebble Ridge Sewer Project

The Board approved the use of the riparian corridors along Lower State and Bristol roads to support building the Woodridge and Pebble Ridge sewer project.  This was not the ordinance to begin construction of the main project.  As past of the conditional use, the natural areas that are disturbed during construction are to immediately be restored and cared for following specific instructions.

Ordinance – Medical Marijuana  

As part of the Pennsylvania state law that legalized medical marijuana, local municipalities have to ensure their zoning laws support the growing of marijuana as light industry and the marijuana dispensaries as commercial.  The Board of Supervisors approved an ordinance in support that closely mirrors state requirements.

General News

At the start of the meeting, officer Robert Scott Jones was promoted to sergeant.  Congratulations to Sgt Jones and his family!

The basketball courts at Central Park are officially closed with the temporary trailers located there.  They will remain closed until construction is finished on the new township building.

The final number is still coming in, but so far the Electronic Waste recycling event collected approximately 9,000 pounds of electronics to be recycled.  Let’s do even better next time!

Thanks to private donations, Kid’s Castle raised $35,000 in the past three weeks! Thank you to the Foundations Community Partnership for their generous donation.

In Bike and Hike trail news, you can now see construction underway on the new trail section on Lower State road that will connect the YMCA to the Del Val farmer’s market.  Crews are currently working at the rail crossing to make it safe for bikes and pedestrians to cross.  I can’t wait to ride it!


Due to the 4th of July, the next Board meeting will be held on July 18th.  But before then, one of my favorite Doylestown events will be taking place.  On July 16th, there will be fireworks in Central Park, starting at 7 PM with the band Bigg Romeo.  The rain date will be 7/23.  See you there!

– Dan Wood