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Hello everyone and welcome to my first recap post for the Doylestown Township Board of Supervisors’ meeting.  It’s my goal to do a summary after each meeting, reviewing the major topics discussed.  I’ll be starting with the meeting held on June 6th, 2017 which Jennifer Herring and I both attended.

Sewers – Woodridge and Pebble Ridge Neighborhoods

Among the topics discussed in the meeting was the Woodridge/Pebble Ridge sewer project, an issue I care deeply about.  I grew up on Woodridge and my family and neighbors have been waiting over 20 years for some kind of resolution to this issue.  Its also holding up repaving the roads in those neighborhoods.  When I was in elementary school, the township tarred and chipped the road as a cost saving measure, expecting those roads to be torn up for sewers.  Many years later, those roads are still covered with an unsatisfactory stop gap measure as sewers remain in a holding pattern.

During the meeting, the Board of Supervisors reviewed an ordinance authorizing the advertisement of the project to the citizens affected.  However, the board asked that some parts of the ordinance be rewritten for clarity.  After the revisions are made, it will be brought up for vote again at the June 20th meeting.  After the meeting, I asked when the public hearing for the sewer project will be held.  Currently, it’s tracking for the July 18th Board of Supervisors meeting.  I will make sure to keep everyone updated as I attend supervisor meetings and the Water and Sewer Advisory Board meetings.

Escaped Convict in Doylestown

Chief of Police Logan discussed the recent event with a convict escaping from the sheriff’s custody here in Doylestown.  Chief Logan explained the reason for the shelter in place that was issued and what steps were taken with the township, surrounding communities and the school district.  I would like to thank our police for their professionalism in handling this situation and for helping to make our citizens feel safer during a chaotic situation.

It’s never reassuring to wake up and find out that school was cancelled because our community is at risk.   The prison he was being transported to is just down the road from my parents.  I woke up to messages from my mother letting me know they were alright and came into work being asked what was going on.

From conversations I’ve had about this event, it’s apparent that the township can do a better job communicating with our citizens what’s happening and help to quell some of the panic people were feeling with better, faster information.

If elected, I would like to bring my expertise in the tech field to this problem and help streamline our response system to keep you informed in major events, like storms, police matters and other emergencies.  We can develop a stronger, swifter social media response, email news alerts and a text messaging system that our residents can sign up for to receive emergency updates.  More importantly, we need our police out there catching bad guys, not tweeting.  We need to establish how the township staff and supervisors will handle those alerts so our police can do their jobs and we can keep you up to date with the latest information.

General News

The construction of the new $10 million township building will begin soon.  Township offices and services are planned to move into temporary trailers on July 14th.  The trailers will be located on the tennis courts in Central Park.

The Environmental Advisory Council added 500 new plants to the native plant garden this month and plans to continue work on it.  They’re always looking for volunteers, so keep an eye out for the next planting day if you’re interested.  The EAC is also holding a Magnet Fundraiser.  You can buy a car magnet at the Administration office and support the great work they do for the township.

Congratulations to Jose Donawald of Troop 24 for receiving his Eagle Scout award with the Boy Scouts of America!  The Board of Supervisors issued a proclamation commending Jose for his award.  Always great to see another Eagle Scout get recognized for their hard work.

The Bicentennial Committee started selling hats for Doylestown Township’s Bicentennial celebration.  You can pick one up for $25.  Jennifer Herring and I got ours!


That wraps up my takeaways from this last meeting.  As always, you can find the whole meeting recorded on the township’s website.  If you have any questions or comments you’d like to share, please feel free to contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you all so much for your support and I look forward to serving you.

– Dan Wood